Nuvro is organized in a way to make it very easy to find your way around. When we began engineering Nuvro, we specifically aimed to avoid the many pitfalls other project management tools fell into which make them cumbersome and often counter-intuitive to use.

You can access every section of Nuvro from the sidebar. You can also create both folders and projects directly within the sidebar, and without ever having to leave the page you happen to be on at the time. 

After creating a project, a note or a document you will have a simple two pane layout to work with. Tasks/Note/Documents on your left and all details on the right.

There are no popups to work within or other sections to visit when working in Nuvro. Everything you need is presented on one page. 

Here is a tour of how to accomplish every primary task in Nuvro.

Add a Folder

Folders will hold all of your projects so consider naming them something high-level. Here are some ideas:

Upon creating a folder, the next step for most will be to share it with team members so they will have access to all projects and tasks within it:

Add a Project

Add a Task

Find Completed, Canceled and Archived Projects

All inactive projects can be found in the Manage Folder section of the folder they're under for easy reference at any time.