Inviting clients into a project is basically the same as inviting a team member into your Nuvro company account (how to invite a team member).

Everyone you invite is automatically assigned the role of "Staff" and cannot see any folders, projects, tasks, notes or documents. Their account is empty until you manually share things with them.

People assigned the role of "Staff" have permission to access to all areas of Nuvro except those reserved for Admins and Managers:

  • Account Settings
  • Team Dashboard
  • Team Member Performance Review pages
  • Company Overview Dashboard

Typically, you will want to limit client/guest access to only certain projects. To do this, simply go to the folder you would like them to be able to access and add them as a user.

Folders hold projects, so be sure the folder you share access to only contains projects you would like to them to see. 

As soon as you add them as a shared user they will see the folder and all projects and tasks it contains. They will be able to follow along with the progress, add and edit notes, attach files and join discussions.

When the project is complete, or they no longer need access, simply remove shared access by clicking the "x" next to their name and then click on "Save Changes".