Reviewing and managing the workload (and performance) of all team members is what really sets Nuvro apart from other project management tools.

Note: Only Admins and Managers have access to the workload dashboard.

To quickly see an overview of the workload for all team members simply go to the Team Dashboard tab on your Calendar page:

This dashboard shows an overview of all new and completed tasks over the previous three months. This is useful for visualizing the overall efficiency of a company. New tasks show growth while completed tasks show productivity. The dashboard also shows an overview of the individual efficiency of every team member. In one glance you can see who is busy, who has extra time and you can see the overall productivity of each member across a two week span.

For a complete overview of any team members workload simply click on the Workload Calendar icon. Here you can quickly see what is overdue, what is due today, this week, next week and beyond. If you need to distribute tasks to only those with the time to actually dedicate to them, this tool will save you a lot of time.

To review and discuss the actual performance of any team member please see: How can I review team member performance?