For a detailed view of the actual performance of any team member, and to discuss the performance with other Admins and Managers, simply go to your Team Dashboard and click on the Performance Review icon:

This will take you to the full performance review page for any team member:

Here you can review:

  • All activity, system-wide
  • All new assigned tasks over previous three months
  • All completed tasks over previous three months
  • All overdue tasks
  • All tasks due today
  • All tasks due this week
  • All tasks due next week
  • All tasks due this month
  • All tasks due beyond this month
  • Full login history

You can also discuss the team member with any other Admin and Manager. This is a great way to stay on the same page about every single team member: what are their strengths/weaknesses, what motivational methods do they respond well to, when was the last time they received raises or incentives, when will they be unavailable for work, what was on their performance review last quarter, etc.