Inviting team members into Nuvro is easy and only takes a few seconds. 

Simply visit your Account Settings and enter in the email for everyone you want to invite. 

An invitation email will be sent out which will contain a special link for them to click. As soon as they accept this invitation they will have "Staff" access to your Nuvro account. 

Staff: Cannot see your Account Settings, your Team Dashboard, any Performance Review pages or your Company Overview. They can only see the projects, tasks and other items you intentionally share with them.
Once a team member accepts their invitation, you can change their role:

Managers have full access to Team Management, Performance Review pages and to your Company Overview. They do not have access to your Account settings.

Guests (Clients, Contractors) can only see what you choose to share with them. They only have access to the projects and tasks you invite them into. They do not have access to all Staff tools.

To change the role of anyone at anytime you only need to click on their current role in your Account Settings area and then click the role you want them to have.

All invited users will come into Nuvro with a blank slate, just as you did when you first opened your account. So the next step will be to share with them whatever you want them to have access to.